Ductless Heat Pump

A ductless heat pump (or mini-split system) makes a great addition to homes with “non-ducted” heating systems.  Since they have no ducts, they avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork of central forced air systems.

We offer a number of different brands and models to choose from. This gives our customers the best choices in efficiency and aesthetics.

We are an approved contractor through Nova Scotia Power and offer offer easy financing through your power bill for homeowners and landlords on approved credit. Please note that renters are not eligible. For more details see our Financing page.

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How do heat pumps work?

During the warmer months, heat pumps work in reverse to keep your home cool and comfortable by moving heat and humidity from inside your home, outside. The heat pump unit acts as a fully equipped air conditioner. They’re reliable, efficient, and offer the best of both worlds with heating and cooling benefits all in one system.


Air-source heat pumps transfer heat energy from the air outside your home to the air inside. They’re very efficient, and work all winter, down to as low as -30, when your alternate heat source takes over. There’s more than enough warmth in the air on a typical Nova Scotia winter day for a heat pump to heat the average home. Air at -18 degrees still contains about 85% of the heat energy it contains at +21 degrees.